Performance testing of SANET network

Due to high network bandwidth and service quality requirements of academic institutions, SANET performs throughput measurements of its backbone network in regular intervals. Measurements are carried out by nuttcp utility between test servers connected by gigabit ethernet to SANET network, using only a single TCP connection.

Successful measurement requires zero retransmitted TCP segments during 10 seconds and measured throughput being close to the theoretical maximum of gigabit ethernet (941.4824 Mbps):

nuttcp -t
 1122.9992 MB /  10.01 sec =  941.3844 Mbps  0 retrans

nuttcp -r
 1124.8867 MB /  10.03 sec =  941.1758 Mbps  0 retrans

Connectivity to external networks is measured using public servers – e.g.