Organizational Structure


The General Assembly is the supreme body of the assembly. It is held once a year. The General Assembly decides on basic questions of the assembly working. It elects a Board of Directors of SANET and gives an opinion on proposals of the Board of Directors which are related to further working. The General Assembly may agree with possible changes of the statute if it is suggested by the members of the assembly.


During the meeting of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors is entrusted with the solution of administrative and operating tasks. Its regular meetings are convoked by the chairman. The members of the Board of Directors are elected by the General Assembly of the SANET association. The meetings of the Board of Directors are publicly open. Questions related to the operation of the network of the association are discussed on the meeting of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors decides on taking new members, making contracts, creating new nodes, upgrade lines, business trips, participation on international and national projects and further important questions.

The members of the SANET Committee take part in meetings of international network organisations such as:

  • TERENA (Transeuropean Research and Educational Networking Association),
  • RIPE NCC (Reséaux IP Européens Network Co-ordination Center)
  • Consortium GÉANT (the operator of the Pan-European Gigabit Research Network)
  • CEEnet (Central and Eastern European Networking Association)
  • and others of which SANET is a proper member.

The Board of Directors of SANET consist from a president, a vice – president and eight members.


The auditing commission looks after financial business of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly informs of its action in the report.


The committee of the administrators of the nodes consists of administrators who were entrusted with operation of the certain nodes of the SANET network. They are supposed to provide the other members of the association with services as well as to look after keeping to the rules when using the SANET network. Its members can take part in conferences and workshops organised by international networking association.